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Compassion Eating

" Developing Trusting and Loving Relationships with Food Without Obsessing About Diets, Clean Eating, Superfoods, Calorie Counting or
Losing Weight ... "

Compassion-Eating is the Nourishing Routes way of viewing food and eating occasions as an opportunity to nourish the body and mind while also experiencing enjoyment -

not deprivation, guilt, shame or punishment.

What Is Compassion Eating?

Compassion Eating is based on evidence from positive psychology and nutrition, as is used as a form of self-care, not a diet or any form of rigid rule setting that involves simply viewing food as fuel, nutrients and a way to alter our weight and appearance.


Unlike most concepts about how to control what and how much we eat, Compassion eating involves viewing food as something that will nourish your mind and body, as well as your social and cultural needs

Yes, that means that cake, chocolate and biscuits can be welcomed back onto the menu of your life ...


Marissa Pendlebury Blog

Marissa Pendlebury Blog

Marissa Pendlebury Blog

With Compassion Eating, food is no longer used as something to rigidly control, meet nutritional requirements, obsess about or see as a means to be perfect in order to manipulate your

weight and self-worth. 



By learning the art of Compassion Eating, you can get back in tune with what you really need to nourish yourself with, so that you can break free from disordered eating and develop life long positive relationships with food.